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Among the many types of motorcycle pants that exist, leather pants are one of our favorites to wear in between seasons, when heat or cold are not a factor to take into account. In addition, leather pants are one of the icons of the lifelong biker, so few garments make us feel as biker as this one. 


When you get leather motorcycle pants you are guaranteeing three fundamental aspects for the biker: protection, style and comfort. In addition, leather is a very durable and resistant material, for this reason leather pants are a safe and lifelong purchase. 


In this category of Motopasión Store we will tell you about the advantages of having good leather motorcycle pants and how to choose the best ones. 


Why choose leather motorcycle pants

We have many reasons to justify why you should have a pair of leather pants in your closet. Let's start by saying that leather is one of the most abrasion resistant materials, which is why leather pants are very safe garments in case of falls and accidents. 


Unlike other types of motorcycle pants, leather pants offer such high levels of protection that they are used by many riders in world competitions. However, unlike textile pants, leather pants do not usually offer as much comfort. 


In the market you can find two types of leather pants: sport or casual. Sport leather pants are the ones that are almost always used in the circuits and can be accompanied by a matching jacket. In other words, they are garments that are part of a 2-piece motorcycle suit. 


Leather sports pants usually have protections, fixed or removable, on knees and shins. They can also be fitted with sliders, hip protectors and have several zippered compartments.  


Classic style leather pants are used for riding around town or for traveling with the motorcycle. These pants are not as reinforced as the sport pants and are much more aesthetically pleasing. These are the typical leather pants that motorcyclists wear for group rides.


A very important factor to keep in mind about leather pants is that they are not the best choice when it is very cold or when it is very hot. Leather adopts the temperature of the moment, so if you are in winter they will get very cold and if you are in summer they will get very hot. This is why we say they are our favorite moto pants for in-between seasons. 


How to choose the best leather motorcycle pants?

To get the best leather motorcycle pants you must take into account certain characteristics that will help you recognize the best model for you. Let's go there! 


  • 1)  Leather is a material that if it is too tight to the body can be very uncomfortable. We advise you to measure the leather pants you like so you can be sure to get the right size. 
  • 2)  Consider the type of pants you need based on how you use your motorcycle. This will help you define whether you should buy a sport leather pant or a classic leather pant. 
  • 3)  Comfort should prevail when buying your motorcycle leather pants. It is important that you have freedom of movement, that the leather is not stiff and that it allows you to ride safely.
  • 4)  Prefer leather motorcycle pants that you feel good in and that you like the way they fit. It goes without saying that you should look out for pockets and side drawstrings.


Where to buy leather motorcycle pants?

In the market you can find many models of leather pants, and prices too. The ideal is that you get good quality pants without having to unbalance your budget. There are excellent brands like Spidi that offer you sport leather pants with an excellent quality and price ratio. 


If you are looking for some pants for competition, you can take a look at the leather pants Alpinestars and Dainese, which are brands well known for dressing the best riders in the world of MotoGP. 


Of course, tell you that the best price you're only going to get in our motorcycle store. In Motopasión Store you can find everything you need for your biker equipment at very tempting prices. And if that's not enough, we also offer financing plans so you can get the leather pants of your dreams right now. 


Contact us or visit our stores if you need personalized attention or advice during your purchase. 

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