The motorcyclist's equipment can vary according to the season of the year and the use of the motorcycle. For this reason it is common for a motorcyclist to have several types of jackets: waterproof, leather, off road and ventilated motorcycle jacket. 


The ventilated motorcycle jacket is the protagonist of this category of Motopasión Store. Some people think that a ventilated textile jacket is perfect for the summer, and that is totally true, as these garments are designed to allow air to circulate inside.


Need to buy a summer motorcycle jacket? Congratulations! We have what you're looking for, but first we want to tell you everything you need to know about ventilated motorcycle jackets. 


What are ventilated motorcycle jackets for?

The ventilated jacket is the perfect jacket for the summer, as it is specially designed to allow air to circulate constantly while the rider rides the motorcycle. 


The difference between a ventilated motorcycle jacket and other types of motorcycle jackets is the fabric from which it is made. Summer jackets have micro-perforations in the fabric that allow air to constantly flow in and out of the fabric.


Characteristics of a ventilated motorcycle jacket


These jackets are usually made of cordura, so you've probably heard many bikers debate about which is better, a leather motorcycle jacket or a cordura motorcycle jacket


Cordura is a cool textile, a type of flexible nylon that is very comfortable and lightweight. Summer motorcycle jackets have several air inlets, usually located on the sides, chest and back. The aim is to combat heat and sweat. 


Cordura motorcycle jackets are less heavy than a waterproof jacket and are just as safe for the rider. These garments also offer abrasion resistance, contain protections on shoulders, forearms, elbows and back, and are very versatile. 


Cordura or leather motorcycle jackets?

There are ventilated cordura and leather jackets. At Motopasión Store we can't say that one is better than the other, but we can compare them so that you can identify which one you need. 


1)  Ventilated leather jackets are a good option when temperatures are not very high. 
2)  Cordura jackets are cooler than leather and help to better combat the heat at the height of summer. 
3)  A leather motorcycle jacket offers the perfect biker style. However, they tend to be more expensive
4)  Cordura ventilated jackets and leather jackets both offer protection. But cordura jackets are easier to wash.
5)  The lighter the jacket, the fewer pockets it may have. This is where the leather motorcycle jacket comes out on top. 


The best summer jackets are at Motopasión Store


At Motopasión Store we are motorcycle fanatics, so much so that we have turned our lifestyle into our work. We like the quality offered by the best brands in the market such as Dainese, Alpinestar, Bela, Ixon, Rev'it, Spidi and Tucano Urbano


However, in our motorcycle store we offer a wide variety so that motorcyclists can get a summer motorcycle jacket in leather or cordura, but of good quality and that yes, guaranteeing the best price on the market. That is why our ventilated jackets category offers the best summer motorcycle jackets


Among our best sellers of ventilated jackets we must highlight some models that we know you will like: 


1)  Gunner V2 WP Alpinestar motorcycle jacket
2 ) Alpinestar Eloie Air women's motorcycle jacket.  
3)  Motorcycle jacket Ixon Breaker
4) Motorcycle jacket Dainese Levante Air Tex.
5)  Motorcycle jacket woman Dainese Air Tourer Tex.


We invite you to visit our ventilated jackets section, there you will find your ideal summer motorcycle jacket. And if you are looking for sales, be sure to visit our offers in jackets. 

Take a look at the entire collection of Black Friday summer motorcycle jacket offers. It will surprise you!

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