The protections are the ideal complement to increase our safety on the motorcycle. They are like a kind of armor that protects different parts of our body to avoid injuries in case of falls or accidents. 


There are many types of protections and this category of Motopasión Store is specifically dedicated to chest and back protections. These accessories are essential to protect the upper body during off road practices such as enduro and motocross. 


The motorcycle chest protectors can be used daily with your motorcycle jacket. These protections are inserted in a special pocket so you can comfortably ride your motorcycle. They can also be easily incorporated into motorcycle suits, the best option for off road riding. 


Motorcycle back protectors protect the spine during impacts to avoid injuries. Like the chest protectors, the motorcycle back protector is inserted in a jacket pocket and its material is usually soft to ensure comfort while riding. 


Both the motorcycle spine protector and the chest protector are indispensable protections if you practice extreme sports with your motorcycle or you are a competition rider. It is important for you to know that the chest and back protectors must be approved and certified by the European Union. 


If you want to buy chest and back protectors, we recommend you to take into account the following advice that we offer you in Motopasión Store: 


  • 1)  The motorcycle back protector must cover the entire back and must be soft and resistant at the same time. 
  • 2)  The motorcycle chest protector should cover the entire torso, and especially the thoracic area. 
  • 3)  Before buying chest and back protectors, check that they are certified and homologated, preferably at level 2. 
  • 4)  The protections have the function of absorbing the impact during a blow and fall. Therefore, they must be made of resistant materials. 
  • 5)  Motorcycle suit manufacturers, such as Dainese and Alpinestars, manufacture the protections to be used with their suits. 


Now that you know the most important details to choose a good motorcycle chest and back protector, we invite you to see all the variety of protections that we have in our motorcycle store and to buy yours at the best price in the market. 


If you have any questions or need advice with your purchase, do not hesitate to chat with our customer service team. We will be happy to assist you!

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