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The jacket is one of the essential items of motocross clothing all year round. Enduro and motocross fans know that our passion is not seasonal: every day is a good day to go out on the road! 


If you like to enjoy the mud in the winter you will know that you need an off road jacket to keep you warm from the cold and protect you from the rain. In summer you can wear your off road jacket with vents to stay protected and, at the same time, fight the heat and sweat. 


The good news is that brands like Alpinestars, Acerbis, Shot and Spidi share our passion for off road and have dedicated themselves to making exclusive and innovative motocross jacket designs. The goal as always is to protect the rider, and the truth is that they know how to do it very well. 


In Motopasión Store we are inveterate lovers of motocross, enduro and trial, and today we want to tell you a little about the importance of having a good motocross jacket to go out on the road. 


What is a motocross jacket like?

Motorcycle jackets have a very important function: to protect the rider from the weather, wind, falls and accidents. For this purpose, they are made of certain textile materials and have protections that are almost always removable. 


The motorcycle jacket you should use may vary depending on the use you give to your motorcycle. That said, you should know that off road jackets have special features that differentiate them from other motorcycle jackets


The motocross jacket is made of lightweight materials, but much more resistant than those of a jacket for urban use. Unlike a winter jacket, off road jackets are not waterproof and do not have a thermal lining. 


What does characterize an enduro jacket is the variety of pockets, optimal ventilation system and space for protections, even for a neck brace. Some riders prefer to use the motocross jacket without protection and wear a full body protector over it, but that is a matter of taste. 


Many motocross jackets come with either a thermal liner or a waterproof liner, both of which are removable so that the rider can wear his jacket at any time of the year. This type of motocross jacket is what we call an all-terrain jacket, because you can wear them at all times and no matter what. 


Advantages of a motocross jacket

The motocross clothing has many advantages, but perhaps the main benefit is that they are light, resistant and adaptable to all climates.


Here are some other advantages of having a good jacket as part of your motocross clothing: 


  • They have removable protections on elbow, shoulders and back. 
  • They are made of abrasion-resistant textiles, but are still much lighter than a waterproof jacket. 
  • They usually have a zipper connection for the pants to form your complete motocross suit to your liking. 
  • They have neck, wrist and waist adjustment to make them much more comfortable. 
  • Colored inserts to ensure rider visibility.
  • Some models have a thermal and a waterproof lining. Both are removable. 
  • They are made of easy to wash materials. 


The best off road jackets, find yours

If you are looking for a motorcycle jacket for life, we invite you to know the models of off road jackets that are in our top sales. take a look at them!


Alpinestars Venture R

This Alpinestars jacket is perfect if you are looking for a technical motocross jacket. It has been tested in extreme conditions such as those suggested by the Dakar. 

It is a robust jacket, with reinforced seams and super resistant to tears and abrasion. The Alpinestars Venture R is highly sought after because it is one of the best motocross jackets.


Spidi Metromover

This jacket is designed to protect the rider in all weather conditions. The Spidi Metromover has reflective details to increase nighttime visibility, CE certification, removable armor on shoulders, elbows and back and has the Spidi H2OUT membrane that is windproof, waterproof and lightweight.  


Acerbis Enduro-One

The Acerbis Enduro-One is a sporty and very modern jacket. This garment is made so that you can incorporate the protections on shoulders, elbow and back. The sleeves can be removed to convert it into a vest, it has five pockets and adjustments at the waist and Velcro. 


Shot Contact

The Shot Contact is made of Cordura, a fabric that is as flexible as it is durable. This motocross jacket offers an excellent ventilation system in the chest, the sleeves are removable to convert it into a vest and has adjustments at the wrists and Velcro. 


Where to buy an enduro jacket?

At Motopasión Store we have the best variety of motocross jackets on the market. We know that building your off road equipment can be very expensive, that's why in our motorcycle store we offer you the best brands of motocross clothing at the best prices. 


We invite you to visit our off road jackets category and discover all the models we have available for you. You can also complement your jacket with an enduro pants or all-terrain gloves


In Motopasión Store we have everything you need to make going out on the road a safe, comfortable and fun experience. 

Make sure you get the lowest prices by checking out the Black Friday motocross and off road deals that are now available for you.

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