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Astone Helmets 


Astone Helmets is a French brand dedicated to the manufacture and export of motorcycle helmets for almost all over the world. The aim of the brand is to offer the market innovative, safe and resistant motorcycle helmets, but with an excellent quality-price ratio.


In Motopasión Store we offer a wide variety of Astone helmets and we tell you a little about the history and trajectory of this brand.  


Astone Helmets, quality at a good price

To tell the story of Astone Helmets we must start by talking about the Ridervalley group of companies, founded in 2009 with headquarters in Provence, France. 


Ridervalley designs, manufactures, markets, clothing, motorcycle helmets and footwear for motorcyclists through its three brands: VQuattro Design, Overlap and Astone Helmets. Each of the brands has a distinct purpose and positioning in the motorcycle gear market. 


Ridervalley additionally makes custom products for business or government use. For example, the corporate group is responsible for manufacturing all the safety helmets used by the police in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 


Astone Helmets is perhaps the Ridervalley Group's most important brand. Through this brand, the company designs, manufactures and markets all types of motorcycle helmets: full-face, modular, jet and off road. Astone has managed to make a name for itself in the motorcycle world by offering excellent quality helmets at more affordable prices for the consumer. 


The Astone brand has set out to place a variety of motorcycle helmets on the market to meet the needs, and expectations, of all groups of motorcyclists. All its helmets, however, have in common that they combine aesthetics, safety and comfort. 


Among Astone's most popular helmets, the Astone Minijet stands out, considered the French brand's bestseller. This helmet is designed for everyday use and offers exceptional comfort. Another Astone icon is the GT900 motorcycle helmet, a full-face helmet with high quality performance at an unbeatable price. 


And finally, more recently the Astone Helmets brand has been making a big splash with its GT1200F helmet. This has been Astone's latest star launch, one of the most sought-after full-face helmets today and with unbeatable features. 


In this category of Motopasión Store you can know all the Astone helmets that we have available in our motorcycle store, read its features and get the one that best suits your needs and style of motorcyclist.