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Muc-Off is a British brand that produces cleaning and maintenance products for bikes, motorcycles, cars and electronic accessories. Surely you have heard of its pink cleaner, the most famous product of the brand and the one responsible for Muc-Off's worldwide recognition. 


At Motopasión Store we offer a wide variety of Muc-Off products for the cleaning and maintenance of bikes and motorcycles. We really like the Muc-Off brand because it always anticipates the needs of the motorcyclist and offers solutions to improve the performance of our bike and extend its life. 


Where does the Muc-Off brand come from?

In 1991, Rex and Marilyn Trimnell founded X-Lite in the UK, a company that quickly made a name for itself by designing and manufacturing the world's first double crown bicycle fork and the world's lightest bar ends. 


Rex, who has always been a man who is very detail-oriented, needed to find a solution that would allow him to spend less time washing his bike. That's when he set out to understand surfactant technologies and created one of the most famous cleaners in history: Muc-Off's pink cleaner.


From there, and thanks to the boom that this pink cleaner caused in the market, X-Lite UK became Muc-Off, specifically in 1994. Today, this brand is preferred by many cyclists and motorcyclists around the world to clean and maintain their bikes and motorcycles in good condition. 


Muc-Off products, much more than just cleaners  

Today, the Muc-Off brand stands out for making much more than just a pink cleaner. The company currently offers a portfolio of products that includes lubricants, degreasers, helmet care kits, transmission brushes and even antibacterial products. 


Muc-Off also offers bicycle chains, products for workshops and has a performance line for athletes. In addition, this brand is one of the most sustainable on the market, as almost all of its products are biodegradable and contain no solvents. 

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