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There are well-known brands in the motorcycling world and the Motul brand. This motorcycle oil manufacturer came to the market in 1853 to show the world the art and benefits of lubrication. Since then, it has not stopped offering solutions by developing products that offer high performance to motorcycles.


In Motopasión Store we tell you a little of the history of the Motul brand, pioneer in the design, manufacture and distribution of synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants. 


What is the Motul oil brand?

Motul arrived on the market when the Industrial Revolution was beginning to change the world, man had seen beyond steam engines and countries were beginning to fill up with factories.


Motul arrived on the market in 1853 to offer a solution to the limits of the industrial world. The brand dedicated itself to studying and understanding industrial processes and automotive engineering. In this way, it managed to invent, innovate, understand the customer and anticipate their problems in order to offer solutions. 


Since 1989, Motul began to dedicate itself to producing lubricating oils for the automotive world through MotulTech. Since then, it has developed fluid products for machining and metalworking. 


The first semi-synthetic lubricating oil for Motul cars was Motul Century 2100 in 1966. Five years later, it repeated its success with an original 100% synthetic lubricant produced with vegetable-based esters and intended for the world of aviation. Since then, the brand has not stopped achieving success and today is a reference in the world of motorcycling and on racing circuits. 


Motul in the world of motorcycling 

Motul is the favorite brand of motorcycle lubricants for most motorcyclists in the world. Over the years, the brand has not stopped innovating and today offers a wide variety of products for motorcycle maintenance. 

Nowadays you can maintain your motorcycle with Motul oils and extend the useful life of your motorcycle. Why? Because the lubrication of top quality Motul oils takes care of the parts of your motorcycle, prevents friction, improves engine performance and avoids failures and overheating problems. 


What is the best Motul oil for my motorcycle? At Motopasión Store we cannot be objective, for us Motul products have no comparison. 

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