Tucano Urbano


Tucano Urbano is a brand of accessories and equipment for motorcyclists founded in Italy, in the city of Milan. The first products of this brand were the leg covers for scooters and mittens. Two essential accessories to enjoy the motorcycle regardless of the inclement weather in winter. 


Over the years Tucano Urbano has been adding new products to its catalog. The Italian brand is a pioneer in developing accessories to facilitate the mobility of the motorcyclist, such as motorcycle bags, jackets, gloves and raincoats. 


Tucano Urbano has one of the best protection lines on the market. Within this category, the brand has become known for its independent airbags to be worn over the motorcycle jacket. It also offers rigid protections for knees, shoulders and elbows. 


Tucano Urbano motorcycle helmets are an excellent choice for riding around town and showing off a retro or custom style. The aesthetics of these helmets have been highly recognized among the brand's followers, as it honors the authentic Italian jet type motorcycle helmet. 


Among the attributes of the Turbano helmets we can highlight two shell sizes for a more precise adjustment of each size, transparent polycarbonate screen, approved in class A, powerful ventilation in the shell, suede interior in eco-leather and adjustable sun visor. 


Tucano Urbano offers a wide variety of accessories and equipment for motorcyclists, but what we like most about their products is their quality/price ratio. In addition, the design and talent of this Italian brand are so original that help to differentiate it from its competitors.


In our motorcycle store we have a great variety of Tucano Urbano products, at the best prices on the Internet. We also offer financing plans and have a special category of offers with unrepeatable opportunities. 

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