Heated vests are a very useful garment to combat the cold during our winter rides. Instead of wearing layers and layers of clothing under your motorcycle jacket, you can get a heated vest and stay warm during all your trips to the mountains or snow. 


One of the great advantages of buying a heated vest is that you can continue to use it when you get off your motorcycle, whether for climbing, skiing, hunting, camping and any other activity you want to do outdoors. 


In Motopasión Store we tell you below how heated vests work and what you should consider when buying yours. 


What is a heatable vest?

A heatable vest is a thermal vest that includes within its confection heating panels that help you fight the cold. If you live in a city where temperatures drop too low or you enjoy riding your motorcycle in the winter, a heated jacket is an excellent investment. 


Motorcycle heated vests are made of very high quality materials and their technology, in addition to offering warmth, provides comfort and excellent performance while riding your motorcycle or doing outdoor activities.   


How heated vests work

Heated vests provide warmth through a heatable textile that gradually accumulates heat from thermal resistors. In order for the operation of these heated garments to be successful, they must have a power source such as a powerbank or a power bank. 


Types of heated vests

Before buying your heated vest we present the different options that exist in the market so that you get the most suitable for you. 


Electric heated vest

Electric heated vests need to be connected to a power source to work. These vests allow you to regulate the temperature and do not pose any risk to the rider. 


Washable heated vest

Unlike the other types of heated vests, these models can be washed without impairing their function. To protect the built-in heating system, they should only be dry-cleaned, machine washed or hand washed. 


Heated vest with USB

These heated garments can be charged through a USB port. These are the best option if you've decided to get a battery-powered thermal vest, as you can wear it anywhere you want without being connected to a power source. 


Tips for buying heated vests

If you're ready to shake off the cold with an electric heated vest, pay close attention to these tips below:


The best heated vests

In Motopasión Store we think that all thermal vests are excellent choice, there is no one better than another. However, there is a suitable vest for you and is one that suits the use you are going to give: to roll on the bike, to be inside and outside your motorcycle, to practice outdoor activities. No one has the answer but you. 


The size

Unlike waterproof jackets, heated vests must be worn snug so that heat does not escape and your body stays warm. 


Charging and autonomy of the heated vest

If your thermal vest is electric, has a battery or is charged by USB, you must take into account the autonomy it offers. The ideal is that you get a vest that does not turn off halfway, so we highly recommend the vests that are charged through a powerbank.  


Textiles of manufacture

There are nylon, polyester, cotton and carbon fiber thermal vests. Ideally, you should prefer one that is made of a material with high adherence and waterproof insulation. 


Where to buy a motorcycle heated vest?

In Motopasión Store we offer you the heated vests of the best brands in the market: Alpinestars, Dainese, Rev'it, Spidi and Tucano Urbano. In addition, we have the best prices so we guarantee an excellent quality/value ratio. 


We know that many options can make your choice difficult, so we invite you to chat with our customer service. If you prefer, you can also visit our stores in Vigo and A Coruña and we will be happy to help you choose the best heating vest for you. 

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