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The motorcycle jacket is the most important garment in a biker's wardrobe. It is the protagonist, the key piece to achieve a biker look and the essential accessory to protect the trunk at all times. For this reason it is important to take care of your motorcycle jacket, giving it the proper cleaning and maintenance. 


Most motorcycle jackets are made of textiles that require special care, such as leather and cordura. To keep your motorcycle jacket in good condition, it is necessary to wash it with special products that do not affect its resistance to abrasion, its leather and its elasticity. 


At Motopasión Store we are fans of motorcycle jackets and today we want to share with you our tips for washing a cordura jacket and cleaning a leather jacket. Here we go! 


How to clean a motorcycle jacket


The first thing you should know is that motorcycle jackets, whether leather or cordura, should not be washed with conventional detergents. Many times these products can be very abrasive and deteriorate textiles as delicate as leather. 


With these tips for cleaning your motorcycle jacket, you will see that your motorcycle jacket will be as good as new: 


Use special products

There are special products on the market for the cleaning and maintenance of motorcycle jackets. If you are wondering what to clean your motorcycle jacket with, we recommend that you opt for a special kit for motorcycle clothing. This will help you to clean both your jacket and your motorcycle suit. 


At Motopasión Store we recommend the Spidi maintenance and cleaning kit. Although it is intended for Spidi garments, it is very useful to clean a leather jacket and take care of the wear and tear of the sun. The kit includes 5 wet wipes. 


Alternatives for cleaning your motorcycle jacket

If you don't have special products to wash your motorcycle jacket, you can use a delicate clothing soap. While it is not the best option to care for leather and cordura, it will help you remove stains and get your motorcycle jacket ready for when you need to use it. 


Protect your motorcycle jacket at all times

Humidity and heat can also affect your motorcycle jacket. That's why we advise you to keep your jacket in a special jacket cover. 

In Motopasión Store we have a very simple and economical cover that is perfect for moving your motorcycle jacket from one place to another and to protect it from external agents such as mold and mildew. 


Moisturize your leather jacket is very important

Many leather motorcycle jacket cleaners help you to moisturize the leather so that your jacket keeps that biker look you like so much. 


We really like the Motul M3 cleaner that offers a waterproof effect, prolongs the life of your leather garments and protects from external aggressions such as rubbing. 


Can I put my motorcycle jacket in the washing machine?

Preferably not! Washing your motorcycle jacket by hand is less aggressive for both leather and cordura motorcycle jackets. It is also better to clean your motorcycle jacket with a soft cloth, avoid corrosive sponges and brushes. 


In conclusion the keys to clean your motorcycle jacket are: use special products that you can find in Motorpasión Store, protect your jacket from the sun and humidity, do not use brushes, wash it by hand and always keep it in our special jacket cover. 

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