Pannier shad sh36 carbon

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Pannier Shad SH36 carbon

The new SH36 lateral suitcases of SHAD d they stake at the same time functional and innovative design, its great capacity for a modular helmet size XXL, and its lightness regarding other Pannier. Its innovative ways to set the trend and offer an elegant, sophisticated and avant-garde, design which highlights its aerodynamic lines and aesthetic care details. One of the highlights of the new SH36 is its new system of fastening, 3 p System, characterized by its integrated and light design.


One of the features that makes this case really different is its ability. Despite its compact design has been optimized volume taking full advantage of the space, with what has been achieved to give space for a modular helmet size XXL. In addition, this does not affect the behavior of the suitcase in March and at full load. Engineers have developed a completely new structural framework, which provides better tightness, stiffness and lightness. The framework includes a double profile and within them, is a pyramid-shaped Rubber edging, turning it into a labyrinth for water, which is driven to the base, where the gutter is in charge to drain it. In addition, the framework increases rigidity, allowing the optimization of the materials used. As a result, the SH36 is the lightest in its market segment.


The new system of fastening 3 p System has been created by SHAD for the occasion. In its development not only aesthetics has prevailed, but that has been taken into account security:

  • Integrated design: fastening is better integrated in the bike. The typical rectangular frame is reduced to a single arm that are supported (3 p) three points of fixation of the suitcase.
  • Position: both volumes of the suitcase and the inclination of 3 p fixation System have thought to move the weight of the set as close as possible to the Centre of gravity of the bike. This gives you greater certainty and stability when driving under load.
  • Streamlined: 3-point anchorage confers both security and flexibility. This is reflected in a slight swing of the suitcase. This swing enables the circulation of the air around it, avoiding the "anchor" of a suitcase effect more flat and rigid. Again this results in greater security and stability in motion.
  • Patent pending : Exclusivity and innovation of the new 3 p System have allowed us to proceed with the registration of the patent, what makes us unique for this type of fixing manufacturer.


The SH36 stands out for its aerodynamics, which increases security and stability in the bike, and unique details, such as reflector, resistant to dust, moisture and the passage of time, thanks to the use of new materials.


BMW F800R/S (09-14) W0FR89IF
  F800ST (09-12) PDTE.
HONDA CBF500 (06-11)


  CB500F (13-14) H0CF54IF
  CB500X (13-14) H0CX54IF
  CBR500R (13-14) H0CF54IF
  CBF600 (04/11) H0CF67IF
  CB650F (2014) H0CF64IF
  CBR650F (2014) H0CF64IF
  NC700 X/S (12-13) H0NT74IF
  NC750 X/S (2014) H0NT74IF
  INTEGRA 700 (12-13) H0NT74IF
  INTEGRATES 750 (2014) H0NT74IF
  CTX 700 (2014) H0CT74IF
  VFR800 (2014) H0VF84IF
  CROSSTOURER 1200 (12-14) PDTE.
KAWASAKI VERSYS 600/650 (10-14) K0VR60IF
SUZUKI 650/1250S BANDIT ABS (11-14) S0BN61IF
  V-STROM 650 (04-11) S0VS62IF
  V-STROM 1000 (2014) S0VS14IF
TRIUMPH TIGER 800 (11-14) T0TG81IF
  FAZER FZ8 (10-14) Y0FZ80IF
  MT-07 (2014) Y0MT74IF
  MT-09 (2014) Y0MT93IF

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