CASTROL Power 1 10W40 4T 1L

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<p><strong>Oil Castrol Power 1 10W40 1L</strong></p> <ul><li>THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS # SAE 10W-40 # API SJ # JASO MA features.</li> <li>Formula of PARTIALLY SYNTHETIC oil for 4-stroke motorcycles-based engines.</li> <li>Trizone Technology™.</li> <li>Technology to achieve maximum power and sustained engine performance.</li> <li>Performance engines cooled by air or water that withstand extremely high temperatures.</li> <li>Complete motor protection.</li> <li>Meets the required conditions for use in engines provided with catalytic converters.</li> <li>Good oil consumption control.</li> </ul><p><br /><br />SEMI-SYNTHETIC lubricant Castrol Power 1 GPS 4 stroke engine, is designed to lubricate the latest generation of SPORT bikes, travel and off-roader produced by the most important European and Japanese manufacturers. 10W-40 is suitable for high performance bikes and including multicilindricos engines undergoing large demands, while the 15W-50 is particularly indicated for mono engines and large bilicilindricos air cooled. Recommended, too, for engines that perform large tours and need to control the consumption of lubricant viscosity suitable for high temperatures. Castrol Power 1 GPS applied Trizone Technology™.</p> <p>The most recent technology which provides optimum protection to the engine, clutch and gearbox even in the most rigorous conditions including the operation continued at high revolutions. Higher power lubricant flowing through the integrated set of engine, clutch and gearbox in a modern bike can contribute to friction and create internal retention that ultimately reduces delivered power: Power 1 GPS 4T lubricant has been specifically created by Castrol to reduce those effects: using Castrol Power 1 GPS 4T can increase up to 3,0% delivered power , to compare it with other normal lubricants for engines.</p>


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