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Trunk Givi Trekker Outback 42 litre Black Aluminum

TREKKER OUTBACK aluminium luggage range is completed with the new top 42 and 58 litres, which do not require a special adapter, because they can be set on any existing model Grill Monokey case.

The top case TREKKER OUTBACK 42 litres offers the possibility of keeping a comprehensive or modular helmet inside. The appropriate volume dimensions allow, where almost all all bike models, fully open the side suitcase TREKKER OUTBACK without having to remove the cover (operation that, thanks to a particular system which is equipped with, turns out to be quick).

Those who have the need to increase the carrying capacity of the top case, or keep two comprehensive or modular helmets at the same time, may instead opt for the larger 58-litre version.
For lovers of the all-black version, they also have the TREKKER OUTBACK Black Line range, which exists entirely in aluminium and yet painted in black.

The smooth top and four straps of which all the top case OUTBACK have, offer the possibility to load objects or bags also on the cover, while inside it is possible to make objects in the background or in the area under the cover with an elastic network (available as optional) that may be fixed to the hooks already present.

Among the endowments of series quote a small rug made from soft material which is positioned at the bottom of the suitcase will absorb shocks transmitted during gait. A series of optional dedicated, that they will be available soon, they will also customize the top case to own pleasure.

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