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Arai RX-7V helmet gloss white

The new RX-7 V is the ultimate example of Arai's knowledge, technology and experience in the world of motorcycle racing helmets. With a renewed outer shell (PB-SNC) that is stronger and lighter, this imposing model of the brand presents the revolutionary VAS (Variable Axis System ") system of its new visor, and is positioned as one of the best helmets in its range. .

It features a new Pure Eco coating, an even slimmer frame, new and larger upper vents, a better diffuser and the integrated open air vents. All this under the magnifying glass of perfection and the attention to detail that Arai has used to. With the RX-7V, the brand continues to implement technology from the real world of racing.


  • PB-SNC2: New resin to improve the adhesiveness between each fiber layer, which allows to make a very strong and resistant outer shell. This system allows a weight saving of approximately 30 grams.
  • VENTILATION : Combination systems offer excellent and efficient ventilation. The new upper duct offers 11% more airflow, with large switches for effortless operation. Airflow channels run from the vision area to the rear secondary ducts. The new diffuser is 20mm longer than the one on the RX-7 GP and has better aerodynamic mica, which is able to absorb 19% more air. Both vents work together with the highest efficiency improving stability. The chin duct allows greater air flow in the mouth area.
  • NEW SHAPE : The new design continues to benefit from the smooth and efficient lines that Arai has used to. The biggest benefit of this model is improved vision. The VAS system of the new visor makes it possible to maintain smooth design lines and improve helmet performance in the event of an impact.
  • MORE SPACE IN THE CHIN AREA : The result of a new design of the thinner shell allows the RX-7V to have an extra space of almost 3 mm in the area of the chin.
  • NEW SCREEN LOCKING SYSTEM : This helmet includes the locking system taken from the brand's F1 helmet, which increases protection levels, operating in a simple, fluid and intuitive way, even with gloves.
  • NEW VAS SYSTEM: This system allows to have a lower and more compact visor, which allows to reduce the size of the mechanisms and the side plates of the screen. As a consequence, it improves the performance of the helmet and the protection it offers the rider, in addition to gaining integers when it comes to design.
  • NEW INTERIOR : The interior pads are made with new thinner materials and the connection points with the shell have been redesigned, which allows greater comfort for the rider. The new joints allow the inner lining to flex and even separate, if necessary, in order not to interfere with the operation of the power management and the performance of the helmet in the event of an impact. The interior is completely removable and washable.
  • NEW DIFFUSER : The new upper diffuser is much longer than that of the RX-7 GP to increase airflow and the aerodynamic properties of the helmet. Now you can collect larger amounts of air or seal the vents thanks to the new vents closures, which allow better sealing of vents. With this renovation, it is possible to improve stability, friction and wind noise.

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