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SCHUBERTH is a German motorcycle helmet brand that entered the market more than 70 years ago and today has a broad product portfolio. The main plant of this motorcycle helmet brand is located in Magdeburg and has approximately 370 employees. 


Motopasión Store tells you a little more about SCHUBERTH and how it has managed to diversify its business in the world of helmets. 



SCHUBERTH is a German helmet manufacturer that started protecting the first motorcycle riders in 1954. The company originated in 1922, when Fritz Schuberth, director of the Jürgens National Brewery, decided to set up a carpentry shop. 


At first the business consisted of manufacturing beer crates, but in 1929 SCHUBERTH entered the world of helmets by making the interior of a military helmet. This was followed by the manufacture of an industrial helmet and in 1954 by the production of the first motorcycle helmet: the Aero helmet. 


Since it started manufacturing motorcycle helmets, the SCHUBERTH brand has been unstoppable and has been a major milestone in history, such as being the first helmet manufacturer with a wind tunnel for the production of motorcycle helmets.  


Unlike other motorcycle helmet brands, SCHUBERTH has been able to expand its business by manufacturing helmets for the protection of police, military and firefighters, formula 1 drivers and, of course, riders in major motorcycle competitions. 


Today SCHUBERTH helmets are present in 55 countries and since 2010 has a strong subsidiary in the United States that has helped to build a strong presence in North America. 


Where to buy SCHUBERTH helmets?

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