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Motorcycle intercoms


If you enjoy traveling with your motorcycle you should know that there are many accessories designed to make your trip very comfortable. The motorcycle intercom is one of them and, although some consider it unnecessary, once you travel with it your life will change forever. 


If you're determined to buy a motorcycle intercom the first thing you should know is that the ideal is that you get one that fits your motorcycle helmet, is compatible with your cell phone and its installation is simple. 


In Motopasión Store we not only have for you the best brands of motorcycle intercoms, but we will teach you how to choose the most suitable for you. 


What is an intercom for motorcycle helmets?


The motorcycle intercom is a device that is installed on the helmet to provide smooth and optimal communication between the rider and the co-pilot and even with other motorcyclists. Nowadays there are motorcycle helmets on the market that already have the intercom incorporated. 


Nowadays intercoms for motorcycle helmets are so advanced that you can listen to music, activate your GPS directions and connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth so you can answer your calls while riding your motorcycle. 


No matter if you have a modular helmet, a full-face helmet or a , there are motorcycle intercoms that can be adapted to different helmet models. What is really important, however, is that the intercom you choose is compatible with your smartphone. 


Essential functions of motorcycle intercoms

 we advise you to get a good motorcycle intercom, one that is composed of the following parts: 


  • Amplifiers that increase the intensity of the sound sent to you by your co-pilot or your travel companions. 
  • Bluetooth signal receivers that maintain the communication link at all times, both with your cell phone and with other motorcyclists. 
  • Microphone to send the sound to your companions.


Advantages of buying an intercom for motorcycle helmets


The motorcycle intercom is an accessory that facilitates the communication of the motorcyclist with his companions of trip and grill. It is the ideal device for the motorcyclist to communicate without losing sight of the road and without taking his hands off the grips. 


Often the wind noise interferes with the clarity of communication during the trip, with an you can avoid this perfectly. In addition, it allows you to listen to music and answer your phone calls without taking your cell phone out of your pocket. 


How does a motorcycle helmet with intercom work?

Some models of motorcycle helmets come with the intercom, and the device, like those purchased separately, connects via Bluetooth to the rider's cell phone. 


Motorcycle intercoms that are connected in the helmet respond to voice command, so the rider will not have to use his hands at all during his rides. Like the other intercoms, the ones integrated in helmets have a range of approximately 800 meters. 


Types of motorcycle intercoms 

There are wireless and wired motorcycle helmet intercoms, let's know their characteristics. 


Wireless motorcycle intercom

When it comes to helmet intercoms, this is the best option. Its wireless connection via Bluetooth allows the motorcyclist to feel comfortable and independent throughout the journey. You will be able to be communicated at all times without the need to use your hands or manually answer your phone calls. 


Wired intercom for motorcycles

They are not the most recommended option, since the device is connected through cables to the motorcyclist's headset, to his microphone and to his passenger's microphone. They are a cheaper option, but also less practical and very uncomfortable. 


Buying an intercom for motorcycle helmets

In Motopasión Store we share with you your love for motorcycles and we know better than anyone how important it is to feel comfortable and safe on the motorcycle. That's why, in addition to offering you the best brands of motorcycle intercoms, we want to give you some tips to choose the right communicator:   


  • Choose a motorcycle intercom that can connect with all your electronic devices such as mobile and GPS.
  • Some intercoms can stay connected even 1000 meters away from your partner. 
  • Check that your motorcycle intercom is compatible with that of your partners.  
  • It must have a long-lasting battery that guarantees at least 10 hours of continuous use. 
  • Remember that the motorcycle intercom must be compatible with your helmet model. 


To buy the best intercom for motorcycle we invite you to take a look at our offer of intercoms, we have different models to suit all tastes and budgets. 


And if you are still a bit undecided and need some advice, contact us now or visit us at our Motopasión Store in A Coruña and Vigo, we are waiting for you!