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M14x1.25, key width
20.8mm, short thread
correspond to BOSCH W6AC / W7AC

In the area of ​​scooters with a relatively low capacity and high revolutions, high demands are made from the spark plugs. Overheating with the risk of sticking or getting dirty from the spark plug are frequent problems with the wrong choice of spark plug.

The spark plugs are available with different thermal values (declared as a figure in the type code and different from one manufacturer to another), materials (for example, copper, silver, platinum), as well as in certain sizes of standard units (which are they differ in terms of length, diameter and thread). Suppressed spark plug interference is a good idea with which it does not interfere with plug signals from the spark plugs: the radio frequencies of mobile phones, radios, etc. are not affected. It is not recommended with weak ignitions, however.

The cold spark plugs are suitable for race cylinders and long-distance use. In this context, the thermal sound output of heat to the cylinder head takes place, there is a risk of soot, however.

Hotter spark plugs are used in sports and standard cylinders. Arriving at its operating temperature quickly, but can also be overheated.

Most of the spark plugs of the scooter have an M14x1.25 SW 20.8 thread and are either long thread (19 mm) or short thread (12.7 mm). Please note: put a screw cap long spark in a screw head of the short bottle damaging the piston. Just the spark of high quality file stoppers from Bosch, Denso and NGK in our product range. BOSCH is a German manufacturer, while NGK and Denso are Japanese.

Conclusion: regular exchange / substitution is mandatory. The spare spark plugs belong in each luggage compartment.

SIP TPP: request a new ignition wire and new spark plug connector at the same time. All the necessary information about the spark plugs with a description of the thermal value, the spark of the plug denominations, the resistance to interference and the comparison of the manufacturers is available both at www.sip-scootershop.com and as a PDF download. Other types of spark plugs are also provided here.

Copper spark plugs are the most popular spark plugs on the market and are a useful tool in the daily life of motorcycles. Fast operating temperature, constant performance, the optimal reaction during changing driving conditions, for example driving city, and last but not least, fuel saving is your advantage. The copper core of the middle electrode conducts heat well and protects against thermal overload. Nickel-chromium-molybdenum protects the copper core against corrosion and guarantees high level protection against wear and spark erosion.

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