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Arai QV-Pro helmet matt black

The new Arai QV-Pro is the ideal helmet for the sport-touring segment. This new model incorporates the advanced VAS technology of the new RX-7V and even shares the same outer shell, but with different vents. This shell, rounder, smoother and stronger with its val shape, facilitates sliding, as well as an excellent performance in case of impact.

The QV-Pro is the second model in the Arai range to incorporate the VAS (Variable Axis System) system, whose screen anchoring system offers a stronger and smoother casing. From the beginning, the QV-Pro has been designed with the latest advanced RX-7V technology, but also responding to the most demanding demands of the broad segment of sport-touring. The QV-Pro comes standard with the PSS visor , the ideal solution against fogging, fogging and glare from the sun.


  • Shell PB SNC2 : Super fiber and other special synthetic fibers, with magnificent characteristics of flexibility and resistance to traction, developed for F1 helmet visors, assembled and assembled by Arai experts, as reinforcement in the area. front with various materials meticulously placed and molded. Newly developed resin creates stronger and lighter bonds between shell materials.
  • optimal ventilation : The high-performance ventilation system has been developed to offer maximum comfort to the rider during their day of driving. Large ducts, louvers and openings facilitate ventilation that is activated via large buttons, which can be easily operated, even with thick gloves. This advanced ventilation system makes the new QV-Pro the perfect helmet for all types of riding in all inclement weather.
  • EcoPure Padding : The fully removable interior padding system has been enhanced with the new EcoPure material, which helps maintain neutral acidity levels close to human skin and has antibacterial properties. With the intention of making the fit softer, deeper and even more comfortable, a new softer material has been developed for the liner shell. The new lining also features adjustable temple padding that allows for a custom fit.
  • VAS-V MV Pro Shade : Arai's answer to the problem of sun glare and fogging. The SAV-V MV PSS screen offers an efficient combination of easy activation by sliding up and thus blocking the sun visor. The "SAV-V Max Vision Pinlock" visor also incorporates an anti-fog pinlock as standard. The PSS screen offers protection against glare from the sun, without affecting the integrity and strength of the helmet when placed externally.
  • C pocket speaker mode : Integrated communication systems are very popular, but very often the problem is limited space for a speaker or simply that there is no speaker, causing incidental pressure points. The QV-Pro has special pockets that allow space for mounting speakers without affecting comfort or fit. (Speakers not included)
  • Chinrest : The lower part of the helmet has a new fabric attached to cover the chin area, which also accentuates the oval shape. This fabric has a double function: it blocks the air inlet from below from the turbulence and increases the negative pressure to improve the air outlet function of the FFS system, extracting more air from the mouth area. Improved airflow reduces noise even more.
  • 5mm Deployable : Removable 5mm thick foam layer located on the ear muffs and cheek and temple pads. Allows you to have more space without the need to resort to the optional purchase of a liner or new pads or earmuffs.

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