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  • Lifetime warranty on zippers, velcros, hook buttons and seams. Lifetime warranty on zippers, velcros, hook buttons and seams.
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Chaser-X is the third Arai hull model in which the new VAS (variable axis system) technology is used, which offers a considerably larger and smoother shell area over the SNELL test line, greatly improving the important capacity to deflect hull impacts. The Chaser-X also has a completely new ventilation system, derived from the RX-7V, which is instantly recognizable by the presence of a single elongated inlet duct on the top of the hull.


  • Antimicrobial Material: The new and exclusive coating with antimicrobial property always stays fresh even after years of use.
  • Dry-Cool lining: Arai's Dry-Cool® material transfers heat and humidity to the outside quickly and efficiently.
  • Replaceable and washable interior: Depending on the model, the cheek pads, ear muffs or even the entire interior can be easily removed. All parts (replaceable or not) can be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent. After cleaning, the helmet should be thoroughly rinsed and never dried in direct sunlight or near a heat source. We have interior parts of different thicknesses and sizes to accommodate each rider.
  • Speaker pockets: Integrated communication systems are very popular, but often the problem is space limitations for a speaker or simply that there is no speaker, causing uncomfortable pressure points. The Chaser-V PRO has special pockets that allow space for mounting speakers without affecting comfort or fit. (Speaker not included).
  • Facial Contour System (FCS): The FCS system, designed to provide an even tighter fit and improve comfort in the lower chin, works through a support consisting of a foam spring in the cheek pad that compresses and bounces, providing the necessary support without excess pressure.
  • Cheek pads for micro-adjustment: Providing more capacity to achieve perfection in fit and comfort, the cheek pads now include a 5mm detachable layer for more space if needed.
  • Emergency Release System (ERS): Allows for easier access in the event of rider injury. Cheek pads can be removed by sliding the orange tabs integrated into the cheek pads. This makes it easier for rescuers and medical personnel to remove the helmet. And the risk of further injury is minimized.
  • Nose Guard: Works in conjunction with Dual-Pivot® chin strap ventilation to better direct fresh air to the inner surface of the shield while directing warm breathable air downward from the inner surface of the helmet
  • Chinstrap: The lower part of the helmet has a new fabric attached to cover the chin area which also accentuates the oval shape. This fabric has a double function: it blocks the air inlet from below from turbulence and increases the negative pressure to improve the air outlet function of the FFS system, extracting more air from the mouth area. The improved airflow further reduces noise.
  • Dirt Removal: The elongated, rounded visor protects the pilot from mud and other objects. Covered air vents and removable rear vents also make dirt removal easier.
  • ECE 22-05: The most common international certification for helmets, required in more than 50 countries worldwide.
  • SNELL M2010/2015: The SNELL Memorial Foundation of the United States is an independent organization. SNELL M2010 is its most recent standard on impact absorption. For the M2010 standard, a steel ball shaped anvil is used rather than a tennis ball, or flat and "kerb" shaped anvils are also tested). The impact area of SNELL tests is larger than that of ECE tests. Multiple impacts and a penetration test are applied at randomly selected points.
  • Ventilated Neck Pad: To improve the extraction of hot air from the interior. Increases the ventilation effect in the lower part of the helmet.
  • Pinlock Lens: Effectively prevents the visor from fogging or misting, even in extreme humidity conditions. It can be easily cleaned and replaced.

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ECE 22.05
Double buckle fastener
Pinlock included