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Relay 3 outputs Puig

Product indispensable for your bike if you want to have your turn signals flashing uniform and intense.

Intermittent connection technical information:

Most of the motorcycles used bimetal relays. Its frequency (which is that marks the rhythm of the intermittent workers) depends on the current flowing through the circuit. To replace the original indicators with others of different power, we vary the current flowing in the circuit and consequently varies the frequency of flashing of the direction indicators. If on the contrary the motorcycle used electronic relays (whose frequency is independent of the amperage that circulates per circuit) flashing change, should not affect the flicker frequency.

Note: doubts that relay using our motorcycle, it is advisable to mount turn signals and check the flashing frequency.

If we replace the original indicators by others who also use incandescent light bulbs, we should check that they have the same power. I should vary, we replace the flashing bulbs with new ones from the same power as the original. In our catalog we have boxes of light bulbs of different powers.

If we replace the original flashing of leds (from a much lower than incandescent bulbs power), we have two options to balance the flicker frequency:

(1) - incorporate a resistor in parallel on the circuit on the right side and the other on the circuit on the left side. If we substitute the four indicators, we use the ref.4298O resistance. If on the other hand, only replace two flashing (one on each side) debermos use the ref.5873O resistance

A scheme for parallel connection is supplied with the resistors.

Note: in most models the use of resistance prevents the correct operation of the warning.

(2) - identify the our motorcycle (location and number of pins) flasher relay and replace it with the corresponding list we offer.

In the majority of motorcycles to change the relay the warning works correctly

Note: there are on the market some motorcycles that line not a flasher relay specific, so it is impossible to replace it. Also, if the flasher maneuver, involves more than one relay, it is possible that the substitution of a single relay does not solve the problem.

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