Waterproof motorcycle ankle boots are a very versatile footwear option. In addition to protecting us from inclement weather and rain, waterproof boots have toe and ankle protection and are so comfortable that they are perfect for riding around town in winter. 


Many bikers ask us which is better, a pair of waterproof ankle boots or waterproof shoes. We, who have been dedicated to the passion of being bikers, always answer: both options are excellent! 


Although it is not a rule, most of us bikers wear boots for riding around town and motorcycle boots for road travel. Boots are much more comfortable, both when walking and riding, so they are perfect for everyday wear. 


Boots have a high shaft and this makes them not the most comfortable option for walking around town. However, they are perfect to protect us from the heel to the shin during our walks. That is why it is always recommended to go on road trips with a good pair of motorcycle boots.   


How to choose waterproof motorcycle ankle boots?

If you are looking for a pair of waterproof ankle boots you should know that there are certain features that all waterproof motorcycle boots must have to be comfortable, safe and functional, let's get to know them!


  • 1)  For a pair of boots to be 100% waterproof they must be made with waterproof membranes such as GoreTex, D-Dry or Drystar. 
  • 2)  Check that the insole of waterproof boots is ergonomic. It is important that the footwear you wear to ride your motorcycle is comfortable and does not restrict your foot movement. 
  • 3) Buy waterproof boots that are flexible, so that your feet are comfortable while riding. 
  • 4)  Riding a motorcycle is a physical activity that suggests a lot of movement and, even if it is winter, you will sweat. To avoid humidity and sweat on your feet, buy waterproof boots that are ventilated, that is, that have microperforations in the fabric. 
  • 5)  Choose a pair of ankle boots that you like a lot. If you are going to invest in yourself, invest in footwear that makes you feel like the biker you are.


Where to buy the best waterproof motorcycle ankle boots?

Motopasión Store is your best option to buy your waterproof boots because we offer you the latest models of the best brands and we guarantee the best price on the Internet. As you read it, if you like one of our boots and you have seen it cheaper in another store, we will match the price! 


In this category you can find different types of waterproof ankle boots for men and waterproof ankle boots for women. We also offer Alpinestars, Dainese, Daytona, Ixon, Rev'it and TCX boots. 


And if you're putting together your waterproof motorcycle gear, you've come to the right place. In our motorcycle store you will also find waterproof jackets, winter gloves, motorcycle helmets, waterproof overalls and everything you need to ride dry and comfortable. 

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