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Motorcycle jacket accessories 


The motorcycle jacket is the biker's faithful companion, the garment that protects you on and off your motorcycle and gives you the authentic look of a biker. In addition to protecting you in case of falls and accidents, your motorcycle jacket avoids the discomfort that the wind can cause while riding. 


There are many types of motorcycle jackets on the market, you can find waterproof ones, to protect you from the rain and keep you dry during your winter adventures. There are also ventilated jackets, so that air always circulates inside while riding in high temperatures. 


The leather jacket is the biker jacket par excellence, the one that helps us achieve the authentic biker look that is both rugged and casual at the same time. And the off-road jacket is the one specially designed for off-road disciplines such as enduro, motocross and trial. 


In addition to all types of motorcycle jackets, there are also accessories that help to complement the function of this motorcycle garment. The objective, most of the time, is to increase the biker's protection while riding his motorcycle. 


Motorcycle jacket accessories


Among the most popular motorcycle jacket accessories are motorcycle protectors. Some jackets come with integrated protections, others have a space in their construction to add protections on chest, back and elbows.


In Motopasión Store we also offer one of the most sought after jacket accessories. These are the extension belts for jackets. These belts are connected to your jacket through a zipper to prevent air from entering your lower back and cause discomfort when driving. 


These belts can be found in our motorcycle store for both men and women. We offer you an extension belt of the best biker brands: the Dainese brand. In addition, we guarantee the best price on the market in all our products. 


In Motopasión Store we are as fanatical as you are about motorcycles, so we put at your disposal everything you need to complete your biker equipment. Motorcycle helmets, jackets, gloves and accessories for your motorcycle


You can also visit us in our stores in Vigo and La Coruña, where in addition to finding our full range of products, you can also see the bikes we have available and have a great time among biker friends. We are waiting for you! 

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